Summer Recap

We've been busy working with research-focused, visionary clients to create solutions to the awesome challenges that processing at scale creates, but want to take a moment to reflect before we move into fall, which is looking inspiring and full of great work.

This Summer was fantastic. Our expanding team over the last year had an exciting time growing our capacity and navigating the needs of clients for new, larger scales of innovative extraction and distillation. We got to see many members of this incredible industry at events across the country, and meet new passionate allies as well as see great growth from old ones who are doing it right.

Ultimately, we are gladly progressing towards, and are in the midst of achieving, the fullfillment of the dream of having the partnerships, client-profiles, and room to engineer and create processing solutions that no one has seen before in our space, and that bring together disparate disciplines in new, fascinating ways to accomplish the challenges of the future.

In the Fall we are so excited to announce new products and projects, and will continually make a call for serious, research-focused clientele that want to push into the future with a single vendor that can work with them to create the most effective solutions to their problems. Clients that understand what it takes to bring new techniques onto market, and that are ready to shoot off into the skies of what's next with us.

We are also ecstatic ro release this new website that goes deeper into our services and our ethos, as well as has a robust and growing content section for anyone interested in the science and engineering behind the scenes, at multiple levels of technical complexity so there is something for everyone.

To everyone out there on the grind of innovating in these spaces, good work and keep going! Its a collective objective we all share to get people the equipment and knowledge they need to create awesome products for the country and world.

If you'd like to begin your journey into the future of your processing business, contact us today.

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