How to Choose the Right Vendor for You

When starting up a new processing facility or scaling an existing operation, your organization faces a field of technology and equipment options that is complex and frequently confusing. Businesses like SciPhy Systems and its peers exist to bridge the gap between conception and production. When looking at the landscape of vendors that are going to take your business to the next level, it is essential to differentiate between two type of organizations: equipment providers, and equipment partners. Depending on your team and specific need different kinds of vendors will provide different advantages for different scales of operation.

Let’s look at the difference and similarities between the two.

Equipment Providers

Technically any organization or person that connects you to the right technology is an equipment provider; but beyond that broad category, we consider that many organizations are equipment providers and sellers at their core. If you need a solution for your process train and see the right person or organization with a piece of equipment that fits your needs, you are in the hands of a good equipment provider. At SciPhy Systems we can act in this capacity, it’s good business and serves clients in a valuable way, but we strive to work with our clients to provide the right solutions above and beyond off-the-shelf equipment that will fit a short term need.

Equipment Partners

An equipment partner is a firm who offers a broad scale support structure from time of first describing and qualifying the short and long term needs of your business, and on through years of successful operation.  As a partner, there is a more full-spectrum consideration for processes as well as technology and gear choices. The partner aids in conceptualization of the in line components that form a full process train, developing a unique solution to a set of problems as, or even before they arise.

When to Work With Equipment Providers

  • Your needed equipment has mostly been identified or purchased
  • You have a need to replace or upgrade a step in your existing facility with something of equal capability and quality.
  • A piece of off-the-shelf equipment seems like an excellent addition to your processing chain
  • You are looking to develop a system that will produce smaller scale, boutique products using known and documented processes you are already familiar with.
  • You have multiple existing facilities that could use the same specific upgrade
  • You already have in-house specialist staff capable of quickly and deftly integrating new equipment into your facility and workflow.


When to Work With Equipment Partners

  • Your team is interested in implementing end-to-end process chain solutions with a single vendor
  • There is a desire for complex support for multiple variables along your supply chain
  • The operation you are developing is built to scale up over time in a single or multiple facilities
  • Your team has a desire for operational consulting as part of equipment implementation
  • You are entering into large scale processing with a new operation
  • Your team is interested in capturing significant market share of emerging markets within the processing space, and understands that scaling into those markets may require new configurations of existing equipment as well as innovative new technology.
  • Modularity and customization are important to you.

Often equipment providers will blend into being partners as they discuss implementing their product, and equipment partners may opt to work on a single solution with an isolated piece of technology for a client, but by and large, the vendors you will interact with will fall into these categories. As the lists above reveal, equipment providers give solutions for specific problems or can help create a functional facility to a specific scale. While, equipment partners help businesses develop their processing chain with a new combination of technology that is tuned to the needs of the business now and in the future, and can scale with replicable facilities or higher throughput at a single facility over time, rapidly if need be. Equipment partners are often necessary for larger, scalable operations that are entering into a market with the aim of making an impact in terms of acquisition.

We consistently find that, past a certain scale, clients will need a deeper interaction than a pure equipment provider can provide and may want to open themselves up to new ideas as they work through their processing chain. We see businesses come to us as an equipment provider, and ultimately decide that working with one vendor as a partner is the best choice. This doesn’t mean that equipment providers can’t and don’t solve problems, and we will even defer to an existing solution from an equipment provider when consulting with clients if that is what’s best for their business, but that is what sets us apart as equipment partners:

We are only interested in what's best for your unique business.