There are a lot of conferences in cannabis right now; sometimes it can feel like an overload. Many of them feature great booths and talks, and interesting locations, but the value of attending is often nebulous. That's why at SciPhy Systems we immediately recognized the importance of Concentration 2019. It's got serious, potent value for anyone and everyone in the extraction and processing space.

In three weeks (May 30, 31st) at the Pala Casino Spa and Resort specialists from every area of cannabis extraction will be gathering for an event that is doing it different. Concentration 2019 boasts a speaker lineup that is as exploratory as it is focused, wide as it is deep. It includes high-level talks from hands-on operators, and visions into the future from innovators. Even our own CEO, Emmett McGregor, will be getting in on the action with his talk on Friday entitled "Industrial Opportunities for The Future of Cannabis Processing”.

Simply put, this event seeks to be the tip of the spear of evolution for cannabis extraction and science conferences, and if you can make it, you should. At its heart the event, "heavily showcases the future. [...] the frontier vision,” as Jason Lupoi, Editor-in-Chief of Terpenes and Testing Magazine and Extraction Magazine, said during our recent interview.

Before diving into the event and the general future of cannabis with Jason, we wholeheartedly encourage you to go to the Concentration 2019 website and see the incredible work that is being done to bring together a more focused, engaged kind of conference in our space. One that seeks to give you, "everything you need to lead your extraction facility, or your analytical testing lab forward in one comprehensive, game-changing event.”

Below you can read our interview with Jason to find out more about the event.

Here are the links to the event and a discount code you can use to register at 50% off

Behind the Event -

A Conversation with Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D

Editor-in-Chief of Extraction Magazine and Terpenes and Testing

Let's talk about the nexus of the event, what was the idea that brought it to life?

Number one there are a lot of trade shows and conferences in the cannabis industry now, which have become a major revenue stream for many types of organizations. By looking at some of those conferences within and outside of the cannabis industry, we learned that taking on every topic that you possibly can is pretty daunting. I just got back from the American Chemical Society National meeting in Orlando and there was something like 16,000 scientists and chemists in attendance. Really anything that you can think of that is chemistry was there, which makes it a challenge for a participant to take everything in. I was there to support the American Chemical Society's CANN Division which is a specific subdivision committed to advancing cannabis science, so my three days there were much more focused. Similarly, MJBIZ is obviously a great trade show and event, and there is something there for everybody. But we wanted to do something different, we wanted to focus things down, and be more of a niche conference.

At Terpenes and Testing Magazine and Extraction Magazine the full spectrum of what we do includes everything from horticultural science and genetics for farming healthy, happy cannabis plants, to extracting those plants, measuring those plants, end products, etc. from seed to sale. So we chose to take the three main things that we do: horticulture, extraction, and analytics, and break them out. We took the first one and made it its own conference which is CannaFarm Con in San Diego this August 1st and 2nd. We also wanted to do a much heavier extraction conference. We wanted it to be more focused. Not the largest, but a more impactful conference.


That's a great vision. When you have more focused groups, both in numbers and in focus, you have the opportunity to talk to somebody more than once and establish some real connections?

Absolutely and one of the biggest things that we hope comes from this conference is that people that are new to or seasoned in the industry will prosper from the melding of extraction and analytical science, and the experts we’ve gathered for them to tap into. There might be critical tools that can help their businesses, or the expertise that they've been looking for. They can have those more impactful conversations in our space. It's kind of the same thing advertised for every conference, but it is the focus of Concentration 2019. I think people will have much more intimate conversations about their businesses and how the scientific and analytical side of things can keep them moving forward.


Let's talk a little bit more about that subject. What kind of experience do you want the average attendee to get out of coming?

Well, I want them to have a harmonizing experience where we are going to be heavily showcasing the future. I truly hope our conference has that futuristic feel to it. We are going to be honing in on the latest technology for in-house testing, for example, or what the latest and greatest extraction technology is for making whatever kind of product. The frontier vision. At the same time, we have master hashishin Frenchy Cannoli as a keynote speaker, who will be captivating us with his global travels that have sought to preserve the more traditional ways of making hash. I like that balance of preserving historical traditions, while simultaneously rocketing into the future. I hope the construction of the event that incorporates the past, present, and future is something that attendees find enjoyable. We’ll pay proper homage to the past while celebrating the future.


Ok let's talk about the future a little bit. As you know, our CEO Emmett McGregor is speaking about a bunch of different tech, techniques, and concepts that are emerging over the next 5-10 years at the industrial scale. At SciPhy we really find that exciting. What are some future trends that you're seeing that you think will make an appearance in the conversation at Concentration 2019?

I think one of the largest chunks of the conversation will regard the evolution of how consumers select products in a dispensary. There was a recently published study that  evaluated somewhere around 400 different cultivars being marketed in Nevada. They found that those 400 names represented 3 chemovars. Yet, those 3 chemistries were branded as 400 different products! I think that becomes confusing for people. If a product that works well for them is out of stock they may not know where to go from there. “What should I buy to reproduce an experience?” That’s the question. I think that reproducibility is something people are going to continuously want. And so I think that sort of targeted formulation for achieving a desired goal is one of the waves of the future for a concentrate creator, figuring out what kind of effect you want your product to have on the end user, and then honing in on that.

Another mandatory avenue that will be heavily featured in our conversations at Concentration 2019 regards squashing the doom and gloom scenarios when it comes to analytical testing and products failing from a regulatory perspective. There's a lot of people coming back to cannabis, whether as consumers, or industry professionals, and those people need trusted resources to go to for the education needed to facilitate growing clean and contaminant-free plants, but also crafting those plants that into contaminant-free products so that, ultimately, consumers can rest assured that they won’t be harming themselves in some way. I think those are significant areas of the future: targeted products with specific physiological goals in mind, and quality end products that are accurately tested.


Let's blow it up and talk about Concentration 2019 within the context of the magazines and an overall event strategy. What is the big picture moving forward this year and where do you hope to be by the time that Concentration 2020 rolls around?

Last year at Terpenes and Testing World Conference 2018, we incorporated all of the different avenues that we cover. There was definitely a lot of success, especially being the first conference that we put together. We got a lot of great feedback after TTWC2018, and our kickass team was already putting the wheels in motion for 2019. With the rapid evolution of the industry, what's here now is completely different than tomorrow, especially in 2020, which is going to be an interesting year, after all, it’s an election year and I think that that's going to play a complex role in how the cannabis industry evolves. RIght now, we’re focused on first conquering the rest of 2019, and looking at our successes. From there we can decide what’s next. In 2020 we might even combine our conferences into a week long event with some days dedicated to cannabis and hemp farming, then moving into extraction and analytics.

We are always brainstorming new publications, and we’ll have some surprises in the future certainly by the time 2020 comes around. We’re also planning to publish in the scientific literature, and will be publishing other educational media including an upcoming book called The Cannabis Terpene Experience.


If you had one hook, one sell about the event to anyone in the industry, what would you say?

The impact that this conference will have in the cannabis extraction and analytical testing sectors is going to be unparalleled not just because of the content, but more importantly because of the industry leaders we’ve gathered to tell their stories.


Anything else you would like to say to the audience?

Go to the website for info! The event is at the Pala Casino Spa and Resort, making it the first of its kind on Native American property. I read a story that tribes from different areas used to gather in this region to collaborate and commiserate, which provides a cool parallel to what we are seeking to do within our community. When I look at new cannabis markets and see outdated philosophies being spread, that’s really unfortunate and unsettling. We strive to accurately educate people with our publications and our events. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in Pala.


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