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6 Hydrocarbon Extraction R&D Projects For the RH-1

In the current extraction market, quick R&D can be a key to success.  Last year a university contacted us to ...
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The SciPhy Approach: Logistical Tactics in a Fluctuating Environment

“It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant fact in society today. No sensible decision can be ...
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How to Project Manage Your Facility Design Part 1

In this new series SciPhy Systems Project Manager Ed Hurlburt PMP, shows what it takes to project manage a facility ...
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When to Procure Equipment

By Brandon Colletti [talk to brandon at brandonc@sciphysystems.com] Across the industry we’ve seen examples of eager new processors and extractors ...
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The First 15 People You Need to Develop an Extraction Facility

At SciPhy Systems we’ve seen many new processing companies with a variety of team arrangements and ideas about who to ...
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What About a Wiped Film?

By Emmett McGregor, SciPhy CEO When scaling distillation from the Lab to a Factory Plant it is necessary to leave ...
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