Our new system the ARTISAN X-SR200 Accomplishes solvent recovery and decarboxylation in a single system. Want to learn more? Click here.


Decarboxylation Systems

Standalone or Integrated into Process Chain


In its natural state, canna/hemp has a carboxyl group COOH. In this form, the desired compounds within the flower remain an acid and aren't utilizable by the body. To activate the compound for product use, that carboxyl group needs to be removed (which is where the name of process is derived). The two things needed to remove it are heat and time. Heating the material at a lower temperature over time (potentially under vacuum) allows processors to decarboxylate material without losing other desirable compounds. From an industrial processing perspective, the right decarboxylation solution is a critical step for creating excellent products. At SciPhy Systems we specialize in customized equipment for all stages of extraction and processing facilities - talk to us below to spec your decarboxylation stage and receive a quote.

Customized Decarb Systems

  • Integrated into existing facilities or as part of larger process chain solution.
  • 50L to 1,000+L vessels in an equipment arrangement for your specifications.
  • Combine with our black hole cold trap for advanced terpene capture.
  • Talk to us about decarbing in line with our distillation and solvent recovery solutions.

The SciPhy Systems Approach

  • Deep analysis of your process design and recommendations on utilities and facilities needs.
  • Installation support and training to get your team ready for the future.


Fully Activated Oil


Precision Results

Less Material Handling

Terpene Preservation

Customizable Systems

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Industrial Project Management

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Project Collaboration

Guidance on facility buildout and utility configuration


Installation and Training

Our team can be hands on from delivery to servicing

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