Three Crucial Functions, One Seamless Skid

System Components

Programmable Logic Controllers

This integrated skid features fully automated controls, utilizing our intuitive touch screen interface. Monitor your sensor data and adjust your control parameters in an easy to learn graphical display.

Integrated Flow

Realize the time and labor savings of a single integrated system performing tow counter-current distillation passes in one seamless system. Minimize potential contamination, maximize profitability.

Feed Vessel

Our multi-function jacketed feed vessel is ideal for decarboxylating your material and preheating it to maximize your thin film evaporator throughput. Built in agitation and an optional trace heated dosing pump keep your production fast, fluid, and efficient.

Thin Film Evaporator/Wiped Film Evaporator

The Wiped Film Evaporation stage utilizes an external condenser to enable efficient "light cut" operations while capturing your valuable volatiles. We maximize your throughput while minimizing the heat exposure of your material.

Short Path Distillation

The Short Path Distillation stage achieves deeper vacuum depth with an internal condenser and roller assemblies ideal for fine separations. Pull high value compounds from lipid mixtures with high flow rates and sharp precision.


Our Two Pass In-Line Distillation Skid Systems Can Scale From 0.1m^2 evaporative surface area, at 6L/hr throughout, all the way to 0.5m^2 and beyond, pushing any throughput desired.