Short Path Distillation and Wiped Film Systems

Our distillation systems service clients who desire modular designs with complete control over parameters and end product at the right price. We provide custom configurations and solutions along the way to fit a variety of needs, as well as on site installation support and full training. Talk to us today to find out how we can help transform your business.

Starting at 5L/hr and .1m^2 evaporative surface area.

distillation unit picture

Wiped Film/Short Path Distillation Evaporator System Configuration Overview

  • 5L/hr-1,000+L/hr Throughput
    Fully Customizable Design Process
    Comprehensive Planning and Installation
  • In-Line Single or Multiple Stages
    Modular Arrangements Available
    Steps Connected or Discrete
    Create Different End Products Simultaneously
  • Automation and Programmable Parameters
    Full Control Over All Parameters
    Switch Between Multiple Operations Easily
    Integrate In-line Sensing into Your PLC
  • Flexibility and Cost Savings
    Preflash Preconditioning
    Hybrid Condenser Configurations

Multiple Functions, One Seemless Skid

Our distillation systems specialize in efficiency and control, with custom configurations and solutions along the way to fit a variety of needs.

Realize the time and labor savings of a single integrated system performing two counter-current distillation passes in one seamless system with heated product lines and transferring pumps. Minimize potential contamination and maximize profitability.