End to End Extraction Equipment

SciPhy Systems applies multidisciplinary expertise and industrial project planning to comprehensive equipment design in the extraction & processing industry. See our offerings below, available as standalone systems or part of a full facility equipment plan.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

RH-1 Research Hydrocarbon Extractor

Test any hydrocarbon extraction product or process easily with this new bench-top system

Hydrocarbon Extraction

HVH-50 High Volume Hydrocarbon Extractor

Our newest system is the most cost effective high volume hydrocarbon system on the market.


EX100 Ethanol Extraction System

Large scale, fully automated materials handling, great savings on OPEX.

Bulk Solvent Recovery

The X-Spiral Membrane System

The X-Spiral Membrane System provides bulk solvent recovery and dewaxing at unbeatable cost efficiency.

Complete Solvent Recovery


For solvent recovery and decarboxylation the X-SR200 provides the most cutting edge solution on the market.


The X-D200

The ultimate OPEX saver in distillation - performing Single Pass Distillation and Solvent Stripping in a Single System.


Zaiput Liquid Liquid Separations

A revolutionary Liquid/Liquid platform for multiple purifications and extractions

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