Extraction Systems

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Extraction Tech at Industrial Scale


SciPhy Systems leverages a wide range of design capacity and covers a broad spectrum of extraction processes. As your equipment partner we will seek the right solution for your facility, though we will always encourage forward-thinking and forward-compliant equipment.

Our technical and manufacturing teams are ready to spec equipment for:

  • Continuous Extraction
  • Large Scale Centrifugal Extraction
  • Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Batch Vat Extraction
  • Alcohol Extraction

The SciPhy Systems Approach

Our process designers and engineering team translate your business goals into world-class facility design. From inquiry to installation, we are hands on to ensure your success.

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SciPhy Systems designs and manufactures extraction and processing facilities. Our approach is analytical and data-driven, representing a thorough, extensive, and easily translatable industry expertise. From the first call with our client relations team, till the last handshake with our technical team at your business, SciPhy Systems will work as your equipment partner - not just a provider.


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