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The HVH-50 by SciPhy Systems and Scientific 710 is the most cost efficient, high quality-producing, easy to operate hydrocarbon extraction system on the market. Utilizing a new, unique, integrated utility approach, the HVH50 will be a huge step forward in profitability for extractors.


  • Make Great Product in a Single Run
    The HVH50 is all you need to produce high quality, ready-for-sale products.
  • Cut Run Times in Half
    The HVH50 features a short run time, and high volume output.
  • Low Labor Operation
    Can be run by a single operator.
  • New Hyper-Efficient Tech for Low Energy Use
    A never-before utilized technology in the cannabis and hemp space reduces energy cost dramatically.


  • THROUGHPUT: 50lbs/hr
  • POWER: <40 amps
  • RUNTIME: 45mins-1hr

Inside the Integrated Solvent Recovery Vessel

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