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September 10th at 11am PT - "Making Moves: Conveying, Milling, and Drying for Hemp Businesses" - With Jeff Walling


Learn Everything You Need to Know about Pre-Processing:

The time for pallet jacks, ladders, and drying racks is over. As the hemp industry has grown, elegant automated conveying and bulk handling solutions have become a must-have for efficient facilities. Join SciPhy Systems as we delve into many years of experience in conveying, drying, and milling hemp with Jeff Walling of ABM Equipment.

Jeff Walling is ABM Equipment’s Co-Owner and an industry specialist with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of material handling. His areas of expertise span material handling, particle size reduction, weighing, drying, sorting, screening, inspecting, extracting, engineering, design & build-out, and technical support.



Episode 1: "Successful Entry, Confident Scale - Thriving in the Hemp Extraction Market." With Joshua Jones Ph.D. Founder, Jonesing Labs

Episode 2: "Processing Facility Planning for Professionals" with Jason DuBose, President, Rogue Sky

Episode 3: "Innovation and Collaboration on the Frontiers of Hemp" - with Dustin Powers aka Future4200

Episode 4: "Industrial Project Planning - A Professional's Approach" - with Link Shumaker, PE

Episode 5: "Expert Vacuum Panel" with Busch USA, Leybold, and Cacejen Vacuum

Episode 6: "Hemp By the Data: Informed Business Development" - with Ian Laird of Hemp Benchmarks

Episode 7: "First Hand Lessons From the Field" - with Steven Fuhr, of Paradigm Processing

Episode 8: "Carving the Right Path: Legal Solutions and Market Perspectives" - with Rod Kight of Kight Law

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