RH-1 Research Hydrocarbon Extractor

Test Lots for Yield & Quality
Optimize Processes

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RH-1 Research Hydrocarbon Extractor

Test Lots for Yield & Quality

Optimize Processes

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A Small Scale, Versatile Hydrocarbon Extractor

  • RH-1 Throughput: 150 Grams Per 30 Minute Run
  • Test Your New Products Before Going Large, or Extract at Entry Level Commercial Scale
  • Integrated Passive Solvent Recovery and Mid-Stream Purification
  • Benchtop Scale with Fume Hood and Only One Operator Needed
  • More Compact and Safer than Competing Products
  • Test and Optimize Media Formulations
  • Not Just For Cannabinoids, Also Extracts Other Botanicals
  • Complete Turnkey Setup

The Perfect Extractor For:

  • R&D Teams at Existing Cannabis Extraction Facilities
  • Universities and Research Labs
  • Small Scale Commercial Producers Looking to Scale Up Soon
  • Extraction Teams in New States
  • Extractors of Other Botanicals Aside from Cannabis
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The RH-1 Research Hydrocarbon System Allows extractors to test processes in a compact, safe, easy-to-use platform

  • Bring Hydrocarbon Extraction Innovation Into Your Own Hands
    The RH-1 was developed originally to serve research at universities studying cannabis processing and medicine. We quickly realized that giving both large and small labs the ability to test biomass lots, innovate processes, and make new products offered a huge advantage.
  • Bringing Large Scale Ethos to the Small Scale
    We've always been known for our larger systems like the HVH-50, but we wanted to start bringing our hyper-efficient, feature-packed design ethos to small scale applications as well. With this system we allow extractors access to top-tier hydrocarbon capabilities with a focus on research and quality assurance.


  • Vet biomass with small, fast test extraction before purchasing large lots to assure quality and compliance
  • Extract cannabis oil for any final consistency: batter, wax, sugar, crumble, shatter, and more in quick, efficient runs
  • Extract oils from other botanical substances
  • Try new processes without using your production equipment
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Begin Your Research

The RH-1 is your team's path to an easy method for innovating quickly without wasting biomass. At SciPhy Systems we pride ourselves in solving clients problems. If you use the form below we will respond within 24 hours with a quote on the RH-1, but please feel free to share any challenges or ideas you have for your facility and we will include it in our free consultation.

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Features and Elements

  • 36"x15"x24"
  • 316SS and 304SS sample contacting parts. PTFE and Buna seals.
    Brass and/or bronze non product contacting parts.
  • Processing vessels are designed to be easily taken apart and reassembled for cleaning.
  • Process flow path is clearly visible to the operator and control valves are clearly differentiated for ease of operation.
  • ASME pressure safety valves (PSV's) on all vessels - rated to 250 PSI.
  • Heater and chiller are UL rated and ETL tested to UL standard.
  • Unit comes pre-assembled. Thermal and vacuum utilities are to be located outside of the fume hood and will need to be connected to the extraction unit by the user.
  • Consumables such as: solvents, sorbents, thermal fluids, N2, and vacuum pump oil are not included and although are available through SciPhy Systems.
  • Elastomer seals spare kit is included for the extraction unit.

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