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SciPhy Systems applies multidisciplinary expertise and industrial project planning to comprehensive process design in the botanicals market.

End to End System Design

End to End System Design

Integrated processing and extraction services - at scale.

Integrated processing and extraction services - at scale.

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Solvent Recovery

300L/hr - 5,000+L/hr

Continuous Bulk Recovery
with Decarboxylation

Distillation Systems

5L/hr -1,000+L/hr

Build the Wiped Film Evaporator of Your Dreams


Industrial Extraction

Multiple Approaches: Alcohol, Centrifugal, Hydrocarbon, Continuous, and More

Custom Batch Extraction Systems

Crystallization and Other Services

Dewaxing / Winterization
Filtration / Solid Phase Extraction
Cold Trap Tech


SciPhy Systems designs, manufactures, and installs extraction and processing facilities. Our approach is analytical and data-driven, representing a thorough, extensive, and easily translatable industry expertise. From the first call with our client relations team, till the last handshake with our technical team at your business, SciPhy Systems will work as your equipment partner - not just a provider.


Our Approach

Mission, Values, process, and the SciPhy Team.


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Three education tracks: fundamentals, projects, and analysis.