Future Facing Solutions to Your Problems Today


The Challenge


In the fast paced botanicals distillation and extraction industry, quality producers need specific and effective equipment and technology. As an industrialist in the field of extraction and purification, your choice of technology will define your success. The challenge is combining the right components used across the industry and beyond to meet your needs.


The Opportunity


Technology arranged today with an eye on tomorrow. Across the spectrum of our services we are constantly iterating the best solutions arising from collaborative research and a true passion for the craft. You will get the best arrangement of high quality equipment along with the training your team needs to put out a product that secures your place as exactly what you want to be: an industry-leading producer.

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Our Solutions


Our distillation systems service clients processing up to 5,000 kilos of biomass a month, with custom configurations and solutions along the way to fit a variety of needs. Click here to see our latest configurations and projects, and get a peak into how we can help transform your business.

Achieving the ideal balance of time efficiency, heat exposure, and cost effectiveness, our Vacuum Distillation Units and Falling Film Evaporators scale to optimize your recovery and minimize recurring costs of solvent.


We are ready to supply your team with the dewaxing, winterization, crystallization, filtration/solid phase extraction, and decarboxylation solutions it needs for success. Ask us about our modular systems today.

We are continuously working on new extraction technology at every industrial scale. Our goal is always to create extraction solutions that achieve a maximum of efficiency and throughput at a cost effective rate.