Solvent Recovery Systems

Solvent Recovery Systems

Fully Customized to Client Specifications

Fully Customized to Client Specifications

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Solvent Recovery System Configurations Overview

100-100,000+Liters per Hour
Fully Customizable Design Process
Comprehensive Planning and Implementation

Automation and Programmable Parameters
Full Control Over All Parameters
Switch Between Multiple Operations Easily
Integrate Testing into Your PLC

Produce Clean, Solvent-free Product
In-line Decarboxylation Available
Rapid High-volume System

Get to Residual PPM With Custom In-line Solutions Scaled to Your Needs.

Efficient recovery of ethanol from extract solution is a critical bottleneck for many businesses. We offer efficient and cost effective solutions for ethanol recovery down to ppm residual levels, with options to integrate additional degassing capabilities into the same vessels.

High surface area, gravity-fed vacuum heat exchangers.


All Systems

Extraction, Crystallization, Decarb
End-to-end facility buildouts.

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Note on Scale: Our projects generally start at 5L/hr or 1,000 pnds a day of biomass and scale up to any level.

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