Our Approach

Innovation and Research.


Our Mission is to Scale Processors Into Industry Leaders

Here's How We do it.


Custom Engineered Solutions

Whether it's in our own facilities, with key partners, or coming from external data, you can rest assured that the SciPhy Sys­tems team is focused on innovating and optimizing in the market. It's in our blood. Just like our solutions are custom-engineered, our process approach is always evolving and we will continue to push transparency and collaboration in the industry. We are always seeking clients and partners that value creating conditions to test new solutions that can be extrapolated to massive successes.


Process Research and Optimization

We want to help your business fulfill its potential by putting to­gether focused top-of-class configurations to suit your needs. If you are facing down a complex problem, we are there in your corner to solve it beyond installation. Our team of experts will help guide you along the path of success with care, efficiency, and pragmatic problem-solving.


Streamlined Implementation

Our technical director and service engineers are ready to get on site on time and make sure you are informed and involved on every step of the process. But it's not just that. We treat the startup or scaleup of your operations seriously. That means that project managers, leadership, and even marketing will be on call to handle other critical elements of your new tech and training. You can expect responsive and energetic action on our end every hour of the work day.


A Team Built on Passion

Our team is built around a passion for advancing the field of phy­tochemistry. The nature of our take on the industry is highly dy­namic and keeps an eye on producing the highest good for the client. We have always taken a collaborative approach to the field, trying to bring together the best minds and the most inter­esting products to figure out futuristic and rigorously functional solutions to today's extraction supply chain challenges.

Meet Our Team

Emmett McGregor

Chief Executive Officer
Emmett brings to bear experience in the fields of media, consumer botanical products, and applied research to the burgeoning field of botanical ingredients manufacturing. He has engaged the past five years in research and development of a complete integrated botanical supply chain solution that is practical at scale of initiation, scaleable into global markets, and advantageous with regards to cost and production efficiencies while minimizing corporate liability.

John Mark Herring

Technical Director
John Mark has spent the last decade nurturing an interest in botanical extraction, executing projects for world class institutions and championing the collective objective of scientific progress in our industry and beyond.

Jennifer Pelosi

Operations Manager
To sustain the SciPhy dream, you need analysis, support and planning. Jennifer Pelosi is the glue that binds the core aspects of SciPhy Systems together. As the financial controller, administrator, and back office coordinator she ensures all projects are managed in a timely, efficient, and well-documented fashion. Her specialties include risk management, organizational planning and strategy, sustainable business development, financial planning and management, and internal & external customer and vendor support services.

Brandon Colletti

Project Manager
Brandon is more than a project manager, he is an engaged technician and expert client relations specialist. With those things combined all of us, and you, are in great hands along every step of the project, from the first call to the first run.

Edwin Leskin

Marketing Director
Every great business is a greater story that needs to be told in just the right way, in the right places, to the right people. Marketing Director Edwin Leskin has a decade of experience finding out how to speak meaningfully to clients that need excellent services.